About the Wife

Dear Visitor,

Thank you for investing a moment in my blog. As you might have guessed, I’m The Wife.  If you’re wondering what sort of person I am – what a coincidence! – I’ve been mulling over that very thought for years now.  Who am I?  What am I? Is there a word for someone like me –  a phrase or list of attributes that will translate myself to you?  Am I even worth knowing?

In our quest to discover who I am and if I’m worth knowing, it is imperative that we ask ourselves this question: What defines a person?  Consider yourself.  Are you just a physical trait? a hobby? an interest? a lifestyle? a belief system? a tragic event?  Can you be all of those things in the same sense that a myriad of notes comprises a symphony? Or… are you who and what you hope to be some day?  Are you an aspiration of things to come?

If you had but one chance to describe yourself, to initiate enthusiasm and interest in the hearts of others over who you are and what you’re about, how would you accomplish that?  What would make anyone from any walk of life want to read about you?

As I ask myself these same questions, I find that there is no definitive answer for any of us.  We are no longer who we once were, nor are we presently who we strive to become.  For myself, there exists but a handful of evidence, framing the very foundation of who I might potentially be.  In your search for a good read, I imagine you may insist on something tangible and condensed, irrefutably current, and quite possibly, socially and culturally defined.  If so, then please consider the following:  I’m a wife and a mother.  I have a most splendid husband and two beautiful, happy little boys.  I have a pitiful faith that has moved mountains and a merciful, loving God who keeps His promises.  In that sense, I am rich, I am whole, and I have much to share.  If that is the definition of a person not worth knowing, I bid you farewell in all sincerity of the expression and I thank you for your time.  If, however, you would be willing to make my acquaintance, I most fervently extend my hand to you and invite you to discover just who I am, (and perhaps more about yourself as well).


The Wife

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